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Whispers of a Legend saga: Kela Calledwdele was born with a destiny, a Euchoun with only one purpose in life...to protect. Torn between two worlds, Kela soon discovers she is the hope of both. Now she must find the courage to face the destiny fate has dictated to her. 

Kela has always known what path in life she would follow. She was born a Euchoun. Half Witheleghean, a passive peaceful race where magic runs freely and the other half, Sordarin, a valiant warrior race of hawkmen who rule the sky, she knows well her parents gave the ultimate sacrifice to give her a chance to live. Yet, in so doing, they have left Kela unprepared to face the dangers that await her. Her instincts are to protect and in this she does, but in so doing it leads her into a world where she knows not whom to trust. In time her power matures and grows stronger when she bonds with a Sordarin warrior, Cono. She learns well why she holds the power. An evil as no other before, Asmeodai, has emerged but all is not what it seems as a dark cloak encompasses her family. Betrayal, distrust, treachery leaves Kela alone. She is torn by her desire for Cono and the purpose, the path, she has been given to follow. And when another emerges within her world, one who seemly wants only to help her along her path, she is pulled further away from her Sordarin. 

Shadows of the Past, Book One of the Whispers of a Legend is the first in nine installments of the saga. It is a journey of a young woman's battle to embrace her destiny. Whispers of a Legend follows Kela along this conflicting path, where as a young woman unsure of her ability and her confidence in facing the challenges before her to where she emerges as a strong leader who learns to lean upon her own strength, to stand not behind, but side by side with her warrior.

Having proven her ability during the Payelaga Desert battle, she believes herself ready to follow her destiny beside her warrior. Fate has another path for Kela. When she discovers all she has long believed is not as it seems, the betrayal leaves Kela torn by her desire for Cono and the path she has been given to follow. 

The Path Now Turned is the second installment of the Whispers of a Legend saga. Follow Kela's battle to embrace her destiny. Whispers of a Legend follows Kela along this conflicting path, where as a young woman unsure of her ability and her confidence in facing the challenges before her to where she emerges as a strong leader who learns to lean upon her own strength, to stand not behind, but side by side with her warrior.
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Trained for only one purpose, to protect the innocent from an evil that threatens to destroy her world, Kela has never questioned her destiny. The enemy has never been in doubt and her path laid clear before her. Now all is blurred. Left with only one choice, she escapes from Yucca in search of the one known as Seilda the Tvopac, the Guardian of the Past…but Kela learns quickly the Past holds its own dangers. 

Vision of Destiny is the third installment of the Whispers of a Legend saga. Follow Kela's battle to embrace her destiny. Whispers of a Legend follows Kela along this conflicting path, where as a young woman unsure of her ability and her confidence in facing the challenges before her to where she emerges as a strong leader who learns to lean upon her own strength, to stand not behind, but side by side with her warrior.
The Nuxvenom—the time declared by the Arachindaens for their ascension to power; the time of their rule; the time for the annihilation of all who do not submit to their authority. Over the years, the Sordarins have slept well secure in the knowledge that the Great One guards over them and protects them from this Nuxvenom. Now, though, our world has once more been targeted; Asmeodai’s evil looms on the horizon and fear lives in the hearts of the Sordarins for our very existence is threatened.
I, Kela Calledwdele, have been trained for one purpose—to protect my people from this evil threat of Asmeodai. I did not ask for this, but have embraced my destiny. The path before me has never been easy, nor do I expect my tribulations to lessen as I continue my journey, but I hold to this destiny for I hold to my faith in the Great One.

With the acknowledgement as King Edulf’s granddaughter, Kela is swept into a world strange to her. Moreover, Kela discovers the world she now walks harbors its own dangers. For not only does Kela face the looming threat of the evil Cyaika and Arachindaens, she is forced to confront deception and betrayal from within her own ranks. Never have the stakes been greater—never has her world faced a greater danger—never has more been asked of the Euchoun. The time of the Nuxvenom is now!

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#BARGAIN SPOTLIGHT- Dreamscape by Carrie James Haynes

Haunting dreams have come before for Ramona Damsun, but night after night, a vision pulls her, calling her back into the world she'd prayed she'd never have to face again. When the body of a brutally murdered young woman is found, Ramona is forced to once again walk and fulfill her destiny as a 'Dream Walker'. Reluctant, Ramona is thrown into the middle of a serial killer investigation.

With no viable suspects or evidence, Chief Douglas Thorpe responds an anonymous tip which sends him into the eye of a storm to thwart an attempted abduction by the killer. The tip leads Thorpe back to Ramona. At first skeptical about any paranormal source of information, Thorpe is thrown into Ramona's world. A world he has no idea exists; a world where Ramona can walk through dreams, walk a soul back from the brink of death, and a world that holds untold terrors and hellish demons.

Together they have to find a way to track down a demon-possessed killer. The time has come for Ramona to face her fear, her past, and walk the path destiny has chosen for her.

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Jerri Hines: TURN - New AMC Series on The Culper Spy Ring

Jerri Hines: TURN - New AMC Series on The Culper Spy Ring: TURN ON AMC Beginning this coming Sunday at 9:00 pm EST, AMC is premiering a new series, TURN . It is based on the Culper Spy Ring ... t...

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It's been a while since I've mentioned Whispers of a Legend, Part Five- Heir of Witheleghe.

I'm planning of releasing the next installment at some point this year. I don't have a set date.

My next release is going to be The Heavens Shall Fall, Book Four of the Winds of Betrayal series. It is set to be released May the 20th. The Heavens Shall Fall will climax with the ultimate betrayal during the American Revolution—Benedict Arnold. Kiss of Deceit left off with Jonathan Corbett in the South, Charleston to be exact. The British shift their attention to the South... In New York, the British officer, Major John Andre has already set his eyes on Benedict Arnold. How close did the Americans come to losing the Revolution? Who spoiled the carefully laid plans the British laid out?


 Read the first three books of Winds of Betrayal before The Heavens Shall Fall release! All under one cover!



I have a few copies of Seductive Secrets audio for free. Interested comment below. First come...

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My Christmas Wish is that everyone would have their happy ending.


I miss Christmas seen through the eyes of a child. Joy is contagious. I love the sparkle in their eyes…the amazement at the world around them. Now, though, my children are grown. The excitement and thrill of Christmas morning has been replaced with a different perspective. The joy once found in gifts is now discovered in the power of giving.  

There are times in our life that we need to follow their heart. Giving half my royalties from my new release, Fragmented, to help the victims of the Marathon Bombing is one of those times. Being from Boston, I felt the need to give back to my community.

It’s not a new concept for authors to give back. When I think of authors who have given back, my first thought was of J. M. Barre, author of Peter Pan. Mr. Barre gave his rights to Peter Pan to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, a children’s hospital. It was a gift that has kept on giving.

Mr. Barre isn’t the only author to give. It isn’t unusual for authors to donate portions of their proceeds to a cause. One of my author friends, Vanessa Kelly, is donating a portion of her royalties from her new release, Lost in a Royal Kiss, to the Wounded Warrior Project 

Back in April, I donated a week’s royalties to two charities that helped the Marathon victims, but I realized then I wanted…needed to do more. I was inspired by the spirit in Boston that rallied around the Boston Marathon bombing victims. One of the most poignant stories was of the Emerson College students that came up with the logo— Boston Strong.

Students at Emerson came up with the idea of selling T-shirts with Boston Strong logo on them. Co-founders of the campaign, Chris Dobens and Nicholas Reynolds, started a non-profit campaign which has raised over $925,000 for the One Fund Boston which benefits the victims of the Boston Marathon attack.
Boston came together in the midst of the tragedy. There are many, many stories of the good-will of the residents. One of the major concerns of the community is the awareness of the severity of the injuries sustained by the victims, which included three deaths and over 264 injuries. Our hearts and sympathy went out to the victims. For many of these victims, the bombing was life changing. They do not need to be forgotten. The One Fund Boston was set up for these victims.

There are more avenues to help. There are individual fund raisers for the victims as well as the American Red Cross, who helps anyone in a disaster such as the bombing.


Fragmented, Book One Boston’s Crimes of Passion series, is my first contemporary suspense thriller. I’m excited for the release, but also for the opportunity to give back to my community.
I hope that you will enjoy my book.


The first in the Boston’s Crimes of Passion Series! A pulse-pounding thriller! Ms Connally’s first murder mystery delivers! Suspenseful…shocking…a psychological thriller— leaving readers on the edge of their seat. Cameron Quinn is caught in a web of deceit. Protecting her brother from being framed for a murder places Cameron in untold danger. When the real killer diverts his attention to her, she has nowhere to turn, especially not to the man she shared one unforgettable night… who now is trying to put her brother in prison. A “must read” for any suspense lover!

She would do anything to protect her family...
Cameron Quinn watched her father fall into a world of despair after being falsely accused of causing her mother's death. Now, her brother is a suspect in a crime she knows he's not capable of committing. She'll risk everything to save her brother from the same fate as her father, even destroying evidence that implicates him in a series of murders.

He would do anything to win a case...
ADA Darren Kennedy is known as ‘the bulldog.’ He doesn’t lose. When a killer emerges on the streets of Boston, he’s dead-set on putting that killer behind bars...along with anyone that stands in his way.

A killer would do anything to get his heart's desire...
Cameron soon discovers that the police aren't the only ones who suspect her of covering for her brother. The murderer is still out there and he isn't happy his plans have been disrupted. Now, the twisted psychopath has turned his attention towards Cameron and will stop at nothing until he has her in his control.

Praise for Fragmented:

“Fragmented is a thoroughly engrossing romantic suspense which will have you turning the pages as fast as you can! Author Colleen Connally does a masterful job diving into the demented mind of a serial killer. If you liked Silence of the Lambs, you’ll love this story. Highly recommended!” ~ S.G. Rogers

"A gripping, page-turning thriller. You won't be able to stop reading. And you'll sleep with the lights on! Colleen Connally creates evocative words that will send more than chills down your spine. There's also a few scenes that will grip your heart!"~ Elaine Raco Chase

"A fast-paced, sensual romantic suspense with a compelling heroine and a caring, dynamic hero." ~ Lindsay Townsend

Have a happy and safe holiday season. I hope you find your happy ending!

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Let's have a celebration!

Join me to celebrate the release of Fragmented, Book One Boston's Crimes of Passion Series. Fragmented is scheduled to be released Monday, December 2. I'm going to be launching the release the next Monday, December 9th!
I will be hosting all sorts of giveaways— Books, Gifts, Gift Certificates! I'm so excited! Would love for you to join me.
I'm not done. Over on Romance in Books, Romantic Picks Just For You, I'm having a Christmas Book Blast! Some of the authors I promote during the year are donating books for the event! The details will follow.
Going to be a great holiday season! Of course, my books will be among those donated, including Broken Legacy, former #1 Amazon Historical Romance.
Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!