Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reviews of Shadows of the Past

I have spent the week promoting Shadows of the Past. I found a lot of places that post free books. I hope this works out putting it out there for free. I'm waiting patiently for Amazon to go free. It's going to be another couple of weeks before its up on Barnes and Nobles. I just got the notification that it went out to the other sites yesterday. It takes time for it to go up.

I'm waiting for some more reviews. Have a couple up on Amazon...

Great start to a series that I'm looking forward to reading. I love epic fantasy books. This one is definitely one that has me hooked. Ms Haynes has created an exciting world filled magic, castles, adventure, and romance. I loved the way Ms Haynes has captured the essence of a young woman's struggle to follow her destiny. Great opening scene! The characters are vivid and believable. The action never seems to stop. Kela, the heroine of the story, is separate from her family to train to become the hope of her world protecting everyone from an emerging evil. Interesting and poignant at the same time watching her struggle with her destiny. Cono, Kela's warrior, is a perfect hero...I can't say too much without giving away what I read, but know I highly recommend this book. To be warned, though, this leaves off like a cliffhanger which I loved...I can't wait for the next one as long its not too long a wait. b

The tension was palpable from the first few lines of this intriguing story as the heroine Kela, comes to terms with the loss of her parents and the only life she has ever known. 

Kela was born a Euchoun, destined to become a mighty warrior who would save her people the Sordarins.

Hidden away and guarded for many years Kela, her brother Falco and sister Sareta, are finally reunited with their grandfather, King Edulf of Scarladin, supreme ruler of the Sordarins, but things don't turn out as expected for them. Whilst Falco and Sareta are welcomed with open arms, Kela is banished from her grandfather's kingdom and lives in exile in a haunted forest.
I wouldn't say this was exactly a romance in the usual sense, but it does have a romantic theme in the form of a handsome, brave warrior Cono, who wins Kela's heart.
This is an exciting story full of wonderfully written battle scenes and acts of magic. It will leave you eager to read part 2. 

by Margaret Tanner
Published Author 

I love getting good reviews...but I need more. So I thought I just might hold a contest. Love holding contests. Just finishing up Octoberfest With Books on Novel Works this week. Five weeks- been out five straight weeks- of great books. Awesome contest. Octoberfest was a complete success. How about another contest? This time for Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past.

Get your free copy and set to review for a chance to win! Have to make a good prize, won't I?

Come back on the 1st and I'll have the contest up! the way I have the cover for the next installment, THE PATH NOW TURNED. Now to decide when to release...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Whispers of a Legend is up on Amazon!

Little things make me happy. This is the first step. Hopefully soon it will be free on Amazon. I have to be patient until it switches over. It's up to Amazon I'm told. But it's up. I love to see it on Amazon. Now comes the waiting... Did you know I'm not a patient person?

On Amazon it cost $ 0.99. So if you want it for free you can go to Smashwords.
Hopefully it won't be long before Amazon switches it over!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Makes a Hero?

I love Lord of the Rings. I admit I never read the series until the movie came out, but I read them all. Great books! I love the Hobbits, Middle Earth, Elves... I love the whole fantasy behind the story. But what I also appreciate is the story- good vs evil. J.R. Tolkien did a fabulous job of merging a wonderful storyline of a fanciful creatures and themes from medieval times with  modern moral issues. Through out his books he questioned man's principles and man's choices. What makes a true hero? Is a hero born or does he respond to a situation? What does a hero do when confronted with an evil?

Who did you consider the greatest hero? Aragorn or Frodo?The reason I ask is to gain a perspective of a hero. Most of the time when we think of a hero, we conjure up the vision of a giant of a man, tall, strong and handsome. An alpha male who conquers all evil, never making a miscue in his quest. A silent type, a man of few words, he does his talking with a look or his actions. He sweeps in to save the damsel in distress, guns blazing. Yet, in Lord of the Rings, a different concept was born. Was Frodo any less the hero than Aragorn?

In all the books pertaining to the Hobbits and Middle Earth was it not more the decisions that the character makes than his physical prowess? I believe the books showed that heroes respond to a certain situation. That a true hero at times goes against his fears to obtain his objective by facing a threat. That a true hero doesn't have to be perfect. A hero can be flawed. He would not be human if he wasn't. Then the question has to be asked-does a hero have to be male?

Ah...a female heroine. Can the main hero in a series be female? I believe so. Whispers of a Legend is the chronicle of Kela Monicalia Flandigana Calledwdele on her journey to embrace her destiny.  We are all born with gifts. It is what we do with these gifts that determines who we are?

I'm excited because hopefully Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past will be out on Amazon tomorrow. I will let you know if it happens. I had to put it in for $0.99. I didn't realize that they didn't allow you to put it in for free to start with. Hopefully, it will be free on Amazon soon. I have done a lot of networking today. Hope it pays off. I want to have the second installment out within a couple of weeks.      

Friday, October 14, 2011

Let the Legend begin...

Castles in the Air
When I was a child, I loved to play house by this large magnificent oak tree in my school's playground. My friends and I would draw outlines of our houses in the dirt along side this giant oak. Many a recess, we played within our imagination. Our houses ranged from castles, mansions, to homes by the sea. Nothing limited our view of the world under that oak tree.

Today instead of drawing houses in the dirt, I write castles in the air. Nothing limits my vision of the world I have created. I'm excited for my first book from the Whispers of a Legend- Part One Shadows of the Past can be found on Smashwords at present and hopefully next week anywhere ebooks are found. It's free!

I'm excited for numerous reasons. First, I'm using my pen name. I have always wanted to use my pen name. I've had it for a long time. Carrie James Haynes. A nice ring, don't you think? Does it mean anything? I'm not sure, probably not to anyone else. Out of all the names I could have created, why Carrie James Haynes? Mainly, I like it. The issue really isn't the name, but that I'm getting to use it. One of my friends asked me if I was going to let anyone know that Carrie Jame Haynes was really me. I laughed. I'm not keeping it a secret. What a pen name means to me is freedom. Kinda a license to create. Hiding behind a name. I never wanted to use my real name when I wrote. So in essence Carrie James Haynes is a character that I have created. And yes I have begun to talk about her in third person.

Why have I taken the challenge of self-publishing? For a while, I was like most. Self-publishing when I can get published the traditional way? Maybe not with the major publishers. Not yet. But I met a few Indie writers. Read about other major authors who decided to try self-publishing. Then I saw their bottom line... I decided to take the challenge. I'm under no illusions. It will be a challenge.

What I love about self-publishing is the control I have. I have long recognized I love being in control. I haven't been since I have tried to get my writings published. What I dislike about self-publishing...I don't have an editor!!!  Is this going to work? Time will only tell, but I'm excited.

Whispers of a Legend saga! So much I want to write. I will. I promise. Fantasy, adventure, magic, swords, battles, romance. Did I say romance? A couple of facts about this series. It's the first time I have written in first person. Second, I do have a purpose with this saga. There is a message I want to send. After it's complete, I'll see if it's delivered. I can't tell you what it's suppose to be. A good writer never tells...we delivered the message with our writing.

So Let the Legend begin...
                   Join Kela on her journey to embrace her destiny.