Friday, October 14, 2011

Let the Legend begin...

Castles in the Air
When I was a child, I loved to play house by this large magnificent oak tree in my school's playground. My friends and I would draw outlines of our houses in the dirt along side this giant oak. Many a recess, we played within our imagination. Our houses ranged from castles, mansions, to homes by the sea. Nothing limited our view of the world under that oak tree.

Today instead of drawing houses in the dirt, I write castles in the air. Nothing limits my vision of the world I have created. I'm excited for my first book from the Whispers of a Legend- Part One Shadows of the Past can be found on Smashwords at present and hopefully next week anywhere ebooks are found. It's free!

I'm excited for numerous reasons. First, I'm using my pen name. I have always wanted to use my pen name. I've had it for a long time. Carrie James Haynes. A nice ring, don't you think? Does it mean anything? I'm not sure, probably not to anyone else. Out of all the names I could have created, why Carrie James Haynes? Mainly, I like it. The issue really isn't the name, but that I'm getting to use it. One of my friends asked me if I was going to let anyone know that Carrie Jame Haynes was really me. I laughed. I'm not keeping it a secret. What a pen name means to me is freedom. Kinda a license to create. Hiding behind a name. I never wanted to use my real name when I wrote. So in essence Carrie James Haynes is a character that I have created. And yes I have begun to talk about her in third person.

Why have I taken the challenge of self-publishing? For a while, I was like most. Self-publishing when I can get published the traditional way? Maybe not with the major publishers. Not yet. But I met a few Indie writers. Read about other major authors who decided to try self-publishing. Then I saw their bottom line... I decided to take the challenge. I'm under no illusions. It will be a challenge.

What I love about self-publishing is the control I have. I have long recognized I love being in control. I haven't been since I have tried to get my writings published. What I dislike about self-publishing...I don't have an editor!!!  Is this going to work? Time will only tell, but I'm excited.

Whispers of a Legend saga! So much I want to write. I will. I promise. Fantasy, adventure, magic, swords, battles, romance. Did I say romance? A couple of facts about this series. It's the first time I have written in first person. Second, I do have a purpose with this saga. There is a message I want to send. After it's complete, I'll see if it's delivered. I can't tell you what it's suppose to be. A good writer never tells...we delivered the message with our writing.

So Let the Legend begin...
                   Join Kela on her journey to embrace her destiny. 


  1. Carrie I really loved your book. I can't wait for your next one thank you for making it available.

  2. Linda,
    Thanks so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed Shadows of the Past. The second book will be out soon. I promise. Thanks again.