Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reviews of Shadows of the Past

I have spent the week promoting Shadows of the Past. I found a lot of places that post free books. I hope this works out putting it out there for free. I'm waiting patiently for Amazon to go free. It's going to be another couple of weeks before its up on Barnes and Nobles. I just got the notification that it went out to the other sites yesterday. It takes time for it to go up.

I'm waiting for some more reviews. Have a couple up on Amazon...

Great start to a series that I'm looking forward to reading. I love epic fantasy books. This one is definitely one that has me hooked. Ms Haynes has created an exciting world filled magic, castles, adventure, and romance. I loved the way Ms Haynes has captured the essence of a young woman's struggle to follow her destiny. Great opening scene! The characters are vivid and believable. The action never seems to stop. Kela, the heroine of the story, is separate from her family to train to become the hope of her world protecting everyone from an emerging evil. Interesting and poignant at the same time watching her struggle with her destiny. Cono, Kela's warrior, is a perfect hero...I can't say too much without giving away what I read, but know I highly recommend this book. To be warned, though, this leaves off like a cliffhanger which I loved...I can't wait for the next one as long its not too long a wait. b

The tension was palpable from the first few lines of this intriguing story as the heroine Kela, comes to terms with the loss of her parents and the only life she has ever known. 

Kela was born a Euchoun, destined to become a mighty warrior who would save her people the Sordarins.

Hidden away and guarded for many years Kela, her brother Falco and sister Sareta, are finally reunited with their grandfather, King Edulf of Scarladin, supreme ruler of the Sordarins, but things don't turn out as expected for them. Whilst Falco and Sareta are welcomed with open arms, Kela is banished from her grandfather's kingdom and lives in exile in a haunted forest.
I wouldn't say this was exactly a romance in the usual sense, but it does have a romantic theme in the form of a handsome, brave warrior Cono, who wins Kela's heart.
This is an exciting story full of wonderfully written battle scenes and acts of magic. It will leave you eager to read part 2. 

by Margaret Tanner
Published Author 

I love getting good reviews...but I need more. So I thought I just might hold a contest. Love holding contests. Just finishing up Octoberfest With Books on Novel Works this week. Five weeks- been out five straight weeks- of great books. Awesome contest. Octoberfest was a complete success. How about another contest? This time for Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past.

Get your free copy and set to review for a chance to win! Have to make a good prize, won't I?

Come back on the 1st and I'll have the contest up! the way I have the cover for the next installment, THE PATH NOW TURNED. Now to decide when to release...

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