Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Fantasy Books Turned Movies

I confess- I went to the opening of Breaking Dawn at midnight last Thursday night. Did anyone else? I've gone with my daughter, Becca, since the series began. I have to say that Twilight isn't my favorite series, but my daughter loved the books. Being she's a senior this year, I figured how many more movies is she going to want go see with me in the next few years? I enjoyed it. Not only the movie, but my daughter's company along with my son's girlfriend, Lyndsay. Somehow or another Lyndsay didn't think she would get my son would take her to see Breaking Dawn. Like my daughter, Lyndsay, loved the Twilight series. Both of them were at the right age when it came out and, of course, female. Boy, did Stephanie Meyers come up with a great love story. Awesome series for young adults, no matter what Stephen King says. Great writer, but he's not a young teenage girl.

Hunger Games
Now I'm looking forward to the upcoming movie- Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I absolutely loved the series. I thought Hunger Games the best book I read last year for a numerous reasons- the concept, the writing, the characters... The book also stayed with me for a long time. The problem I had with Hunger Games was it was rated young adult. Maybe it was just me that thought the content might cause issues with younger children. No, it didn't have graphic sex, but the violence and the image of children killing children bothered me. Maybe I'm just an old ninnie! Kids are different today. I saw the premiere of the trailer. With all the young, young kids in the audience proves its just me that is worried about those kinda of things. But if you saw the trailer, how could you not have shivers during the count down?

What I loved about Hunger Games was the characters. I realize that Ms Collins may have used the premise of Survivor. She may have even used the premise used in The Lottery, but to come up with children having to kill children to survive in the manner she did- genius! As I said Hunger Games was the best book I read last year. Now the other two in the series were good, but Hunger Games stands out.

So what about adults? Are you not excited for the second season of the Game of Thrones? Have you seen the trailer released about the second season? You know I had never heard of the books until HBO came out with the series. There is absolutely no question about the rating of this series. It is not young adult. I love series like this though. I get so attached to the characters and places. I'm excited for the second season. I just have to start the books...I know...I know...I need to read them. They are high on my list. One of my issues with reading books such as this is that I can't put it down. I really do have an issue when it comes to stop reading a book I'm into. People around me get so grumpy when I read like that. Imagine wanting dinner, clean clothes, clean house for that matter. Hoping to get the books for Christmas, though.

Maybe I'm hoping they are going to be another Lord of the Rings. Another great book series. The movie did do the books justice. It's hard to do justice on the big screen at times. You know the adage- the book is always better than the movie. I think Lord of the Rings movie series was just as good as the books.

Now I'm turning my attention for a brief moment to Fairy Tales and the obsession with Hollywood to bring them on screen. After trying to watch Little Red Riding Hood's adventure on the big screen, I would have said DON'T.  What an awful movie! But then I saw the trailer for Mirror, Mirror. You know it doesn't look that bad. I saw the trailer to Snow White and the Huntsman. I'm going to hold back on that one. Not sure yet, but Mirror, Mirror holds promise.

Okay by now you must realize I love tales of fantasy.(I didn't even get into my envy of JK Rowling and Harry Potter). I suppose it is one of the reason I wrote Whispers of a Legend. Come next Monday, The Path Now Turned will be released. I'm excited to continue Kela's journey.  Remember the legend is only beginning....

Oh, a couple of things. First I do realize that Twilight is paranormal and not fantasy. Just for my blog I included it. Second, don't forget about my contest celebrating the release of Whispers of a Legend!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving week! If you haven't gotten your free copy of Shadows of the Past, just click...

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