Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Does It Make a Difference Giving a Book Away Free!

Shadows of the Past
          Just wanted to give a quick update on Shadows of the Past. Was it the right move to give Shadows of the Past away free? I think so- at least so far. You have to make some kind of move to get people to read your book. I've seen free samples of work from James Patterson, Tess Gerristen, Susan Wiggs, and Sherrilyn Kenyon. I know I have them on Kindle myself. But what does this mean for me?
         The downloads for Shadows of the Past have far exceed my published books. That in itself has been worth it. But what is the difference between giving away free a book and a book that cost .99 cents-
Consider my rankings. At Amazon where Shadows of the Past is still at .99 cents- it's   #270,178.
At Barnes and Noble where its free -it's    # 4,387.

The Path Now Turned
To me that's says a lot. Now will it mean that when The Path Now Turned releases more sales- we'll see. I hope so. Everything I've heard so far has been good.

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