Saturday, November 12, 2011


         When I decided to go the self-publishing route, I came up with a plan. In the back of my mind, I had always considered going Indie, but what lead to the leap of going to self-publishing. Frustration. One word to accurately describe my feelings toward publishing. Not writing. Never writing. I've worked extremely hard to learn the craft. I will freely admit I hadn't a clue how to write when I first began. Now having had two books published and a historical series on the way, I still have been met with frustration. When did I decide to go Indie? The exact moment?
          When I received a rejection for one of my books from a major publisher. Why? Not for content. Not for the writing. They loved the story. The problem. "We feel that your story has a solid foundation, but with the competitive nature of the publishing industry, we feel we can't offer you a contract at this time." Basically, I took this to mean- Nobody has a clue who you are. They were right. What would make me stand out?
          Giving away a book!
         When you work extremely hard writing a story, giving away a book for free is a big step. Like giving away a part of yourself. So I made up my mind. The next step- how? Then Roses of Prose hosted Ruth Cardello. What a lovely lady. So helpful. She has stepped out her journey through self-publishing on her blog-ruth-ebookexperiment. 
        Reading the Marketing Guide book with Smashword, he highly advised giving a book away. Crazy as this may seem, it makes sense. To sell, readers need to get to know your writing. Ruth Cardello gave away her first book, Maid for a Billionaire. Over 200,000 downloads! Her second book, For Love or Legacy, is rank #34 on Amazon Kindle.
        The next step for me was deciding what book. Thinking it over with my marketing strategist (me), I decided that running a series would be the best route. The only book I had ready to do that with was submitted to Crescent Moon Press. I considered my options and withdrew Whispers from Crescent Moon Press. They were great about it. Very understanding. I have to say that Stephanie Murray gave me the confidence with Whispers to attempt this venture with this particular book.
        With ebooks, I have been told, not to make them too long. Whiskey Creek cut my book in half when I submitted in The Sun Will Rise. Now its into two books, renamed The Judas Kiss and The Promise, and in the series Tides of Charleston with Another Night Falls to follow. Cutting the book in half made sense. So I used the same logic with Whispers.
Shadows of the Past
          The difference with Whispers is that I'm cutting the book into thirds. I'll explain why. My marketing strategist (me) decided to run the series kinda like a TV series with cliffhangers. Whispers started out with the thought of being a trilogy. So release the first three installments quickly. Boom...boom...boom! Shadows of the Past was released in October. Plan on releasing The Path Now Turned at the end of the month with Vision of Destiny released in January or February. Depends. I have The Judas Kiss coming out in January. It might push Vision of Destiny back a tad. But it is ready to go. 
           Cliffhanger series- do you think it will work? It better or my market strategist will be out of a job (LOL). 
           How has it been so far? For me, great. Not nearly the numbers of Ruth Cardello, but I'm happy. At the moment I'm ranked #6,154 at Barnes and Noble! That's awesome for me. Amazon not so well, but it hasn't gone free there. I'm hoping it will go free soon. Waiting patiently (wink).
           The difference between published and self-published. Pro- love the control! Con-miss my editor!
Professional editing is costly. So I'm relying on the only editor I can afford (me). 
           Reviews are coming back in. All good! Some of the comments reviewers have emailed me have made me feel extremely good. Everyone seems to love the story! I received two complaints- one- the story is too short. The other- a couple of misspelled words! Did I tell you I miss my editor?
           As for it being too short..maybe after the first three installments are released, I'll put them together into a print book. Sounds good? Does to my market strategist...
Coming Soon!
Don't forget I'm running a contest celebrating the release of Whispers of a Legend! Keep those reviews coming in!

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  1. Ruth Cardello got it right. Great book and series! Fabulous author!