Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Week Ahead!

Castles in the Air Blog
            Thanksgiving week! A week for family and friends. Slowing everything down a tad this week...a tad. Gearing up for my next release a week from Monday- THE PATH NOW TURNED. Holding my breath. Think SHADOWS OF THE PAST's numbers look good considering that Amazon hasn't gone free...yet. My ranking on Amazon are creeping to the outer sphere whereas on Barnes and Noble they are going in the right direction.
Shadows of the Past
            On Barnes and Noble Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past has broken under #3,000 rank- #2968. On the Sci Fi-Fantasy Nook books, Shadows of the Past is #289. I'm extremely happy with those numbers...yet on Amazon??? I haven't the foggiest when it's going free. I don't know if it ever will be free on Amazon. So what will that do to my numbers on Amazon and Barnes and Noble with the second in the series to be released? I guess we'll see.
            Then having issues with Diesel ebooks, too. It's on the site correctly except it won't allow Shadows of the Past to be downloaded. Smashwords is trying to correct it, but so far it's still having issues.
The Path Now Turned
Coming Nov. 28th!
            Have to ask myself if I'm releasing THE PATH NOW TURNED too early. Should I wait for another month? No...I have a plan in my little head. It's set to go. I also have edits to do on my historical next month which should be released in January. Then I want to release VISION OF DESTINY in February. I'm just going to have to hold my breath and see...
            I have a busy month ahead of me. Christmas...Christmas...Christmas is on the horizon. Novel Works is taking it easy this week. I'm only posting blogs I like and feel others might also. Starting on November 28th I'm hosting Indie Writer's Week. I'm looking forward to it. Ruth Cardello is helping put it together. Lovely lady. Should be a great week.
            Don't forget about my contest this month celebrating Whispers of a Legend Release! I still love getting reviews. Don't miss out on your chance of a free copy of The Path Now Turned and a $15 gift certificate.
            Don't think I'll be talking about numbers this week (unless Shadows of the Past goes free on Amazon). I'll be building for THE PATH NOW TURNED release.
            Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!            

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