Thursday, December 1, 2011


Roses of Prose
I can't believe its December. Why is it when you're a kid, it seems like Christmas never comes, but as an adult it seems we just got through paying for last Christmas? I over do every Christmas. I can't help it. I buy my gifts. Then make the mistake of going back into a store to get one more thing. Of course, one more thing keeps growing until my husband puts his foot down and says no more.

This year, though, I can't seem to break away from my computer which is still a dangerous thing. Do you know how much you can buy through the internet? One of the presents that is easy for me to give and affordable is books, especially ebooks. For the last couple of weeks and continuing on this month on Novel Works I have a whole list of great books that would make great gifts.

If you get the chance check out Novel Works this week. I'm hosting Indie Week. Author Ruth Cardello has put together a great week...very informative also for anyone going the self-published route. A lot of great writers, some one who edits, a great person who host Indie writers...stop by and see. Also, starting tomorrow one of my other blogs, Roses of Prose, is starting a progressive story. I've even written a few chapters of a contemporary romance!

The Path Now Turned
So many questions when you're on your own with your book. Going on a week with The Path Now Turned. The numbers for Shadows of the Past look really good except on Amazon. Reading over Ruth's blog and a couple of others that she suggested (excellent blogs by the way) everyone seems to do so much better on Amazon than anywhere else- except me.

I know the reason. Barnes and Noble sold Whispers of the Past, Part One- Shadows of the Past for nothing...FREE! I haven't the foggiest idea why Amazon hasn't, but I'm selling 3 to 1 more on Barnes and Noble than Amazon. According to the blogs I've read, it should be the other way around. You know, my mother always said I did every backwards. Well maybe in a different context and wording, but you get the picture. I'm happy with Barnes and Noble, but I really do wish Amazon would pick up. I have to learn patience...patience is a virtue or so I've heard.

Excited for the release. Love the cover. Everyone has been great. I appreciate all the wonderful comments Shadows of the Past has been getting. Love the reviews! So...the winner of the Whispers of a Legend contest for the $15 dollar gift certificate is
                                                Ruby Wright!
Congratulations! For everyone else that left a review, a free copy of The Path Now Turned. If I haven't emailed you, please get in touch with me.

Shadows of the Past
For anyone that loves contest- don't worry. I'm certain I'll be back with another contest next week for December! Love giving things away...

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