Thursday, January 19, 2012


Over the last couple of months, I haven't stopped. I have these goals in my head. I know what I want to accomplish, only life gets in the way sometimes. I had every intention of getting the third installment of Whispers of a Legend, Vision of Destiny, out by the end of the month. But It's not going to happen for a couple of reasons. 

In my little head, I had a plan when I released Whispers. One of the major steps in that plan was for Whispers to go free on Amazon. When that didn't happen right away, I came up with a backup plan. You see for an Indie author to become known, one has to read one's writings. The easiest way for that to happen is to give away a free sample. That happened on Barnes and Noble quickly. 

When I released Whispers of a Legend as an Indie, I had hopes. I'm beginning to feel that some of those goals are attainable. On Barnes and Noble this morning, I found a review that I took heart in and encouraged.

'Intriguing story from new author

Carrie James Haynes has potential to be next well known scifi/fantasy author. Her story contains interesting characters with unusual talents. It is well thought out and although not perfect demonstrates the possibility of some good stories coming in the future. I was interested enough to purchase the next installment of the story.'
I read all my reviews. If someone takes the time to read my book, I can take the time to read what they say. I listen. That is one of the reasons that Vision of Destiny won't be coming out at the end of January. I'm hoping for February. I listened that the readers want longer installments. When I choose Whispers of a Legend, I had a trilogy in mind. I took my first completed novel and cut it into thirds which explains why the series is usually between 35,000 to 37,000 words. I thought the third installment completed. Instead, I'm going to revise Vision of Destiny. The wonderful thing about an epic fantasy is that when you open the world up there are so many places to go. So the bottom line...I'm lengthening the segment. That also means there will be more edits. (Just a quick word on edits. Making the jump to Indie, one of the things I left editor.) Although on Daughter of Deceit, I do have someone looking over it...will owe her a huge favor! 
The second reason for the delay. I decided to finish off Daughter of Deceit. The reason- I needed to make a break through on Amazon. I love Barnes and Noble! They have been good to me as an author. From what I here, authors usually do better on Amazon than Barnes and Noble. My experience has been the opposite. There again the reason I believe was that Shadows of the Past has been free on Barnes and Noble. So my thinking was of putting Daughter of Deceit in the Kindle Select program. They offer the book free for a few days of the three months you sign on for it. Daughter of Deceit is almost readied. Then out of the blue last week- Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past went FREE! So excited, but I can't change my plan now. 
Daughter of Deceit will be coming out with Kindle Select. Vision of Destiny won't be long behind it. Oh, I forgot to mention that under Jerri Hines I just released the first in the Tides of Charleston Series, The Judas Kiss. 
So...bare with me. I'm a work in progress too. Thanks for the encouragement and support. Keep those reviews coming!

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