Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vision of Destiny Coming Soon!

Whispers of a Legend
Waiting for my cover for Vision of Destiny. Should be in by the end of next week. I have a few more edits to do and then off to the editor. I believe it will be worth the wait. I hope so.

Over the last month my attention turned for a moment to Daughter of Deceit. I have to say I have grown as a person. I got lambasted about my edits with Daughter of Deceit. I had expected a similar response as to my edits with Whispers of a Legend, but Daughter of Deceit, even though I do not question it needs edits, resonated a response I wasn't prepared for. Moreover, never did I expect my book to shoot up the rankings like it did.

I've learned from that experience. I also now can afford the edits for my books. I can go into all sorts of reasons why I went Indie. While my book was sitting in the middle of all the Indie being released by bestselling authors using their backlist and a couple of bestselling authors from major publishers (yes I printed it so I can keep frame it in my office), I looked at my $20 cover and was in awe that it was there in the middle of them all!

The other thing I was in awe about was making money. Amazon Select has a great program. I knew I had to break through Amazon like Whispers broke through Barnes and Noble for me. It was the reason I pressed Daughter of Deceit before Vision of Destiny. I could never justify putting our family money into my writing anymore than I already had. Why?

I have three children. One that just got out of college, one that's in college, and one that just got accepted into college. Do you know how expensive college is? Really. My husband has always encouraged me to take our money and put it into my books. I hesitated. Why? Because the field is so competitive. I have never had a problem gaining attention from a publisher. I've had my books on the desk of major publishers months on end although I never could get an agent to look at me. Yet in the end with a Major publisher it always resulted in a 'glowing rejection'. Given last year my sales were pitiful, how could I take a chance on our hard earn money?

I have two books out with Wild Child Publishing. My experience at Wild Child-even though its a small publisher-highly professional when it came to the level of product they put out. My one complaint. They're a small publisher and didn't promote my books. I had to. I found it difficult to do so because I have no control over them. My mother says Patriot Secrets is my best book. It may be, but according to my numbers, no one has read it or not many. Would I recommend Wild Child to anyone? Yes, I would. I deeply appreciate the opportunity Marci gave me by publishing my books. And promoting your books is what you have to do when you're published by a small publisher. Now, though, I believe I can do more with my books. So I'll wait until I get my rights back and go Indie with both of them. Patriot Secrets has a series with it. Always has had called Winds of Betrayal.

Then I met Ruth Cardello,  and a door opened for me. I'm not a patient person. It is a fault of mine I have never been able to correct. Sending off queries, waiting to hear back, the rejections- all of that can weigh on you over time. Indie has allowed me control. But along with control though comes the responsibilities to produce a quality product. That means I have to be patient when I send off to my editor.

Then I admit a thought has been running through my little mind. Should I pull Whispers off everywhere and put it into Amazon Select? I know in my head I would make a ton more money that way. Free promotions. Attention called to my book.

But as much as I want to make money...need the money and if they're right about gas prices, I will really need the money-I refuse to turn my back on Barnes and Noble. Those fans have been great. They have over looked my editing errors and embraced my series. They have also waited patiently for my next installment.

So the bottom line. Whispers of a Legend, Part Three- Vision of Destiny is coming soon. As soon as I get the cover, I'll show it to you. After its release, I'm pulling the three installments (edits of course) into one book for print. Whispers of a Legend, Volume 1.

Then my attention will turn back to Daughter of Deceit with its edits and going into print.

I'm learning. Be patient with me.


  1. I read the beginning of Daughter of Deceit and the story immediately grabbed my attention, but I found myself upset at the editor - not you. In my mind, the author's job is creating an interesting plot and compelling characters in language where his/her intent can be understood. It's the editor's job to make sure there are no missing words or letters, improper word selection, mispellings, or grammatical errors...basically, that the author's intent is conveyed at a comprehension level and standard worthy of the author (and public).
    Back to the point, since I've learned that you did not have an editor, I'd like to thank you for the interesting read (I will likely be purchasing it) and for your bravery self publishing. I know someone who self published within the last year and he's constantly searching for new friends to examine his books with fresh eyes. I can imagine that is a pain. I also know how difficult it can be to read something [that you wrote] without bringing your knowledge of your intent to the table. I'm not a professional editor, but I'd like to offer to help out if you need a fresh pair of eyes in the future.

  2. That is so sweet! I appreciate the offer. Now since I have had Whispers out since October, I'm happy to say I can get an editor. As a matter of fact, I just sent Vision of Destiny off to her today! Hopefully, Vision of Destiny will be out in the next two weeks!!!

    Thank you for your concern. I have to apologize for not getting back with you sooner. (Had the flu the last week) What I can offer you if you give me an email, is a free copy of Vision of Destiny when it comes out. Thanks again.
    Carrie James Haynes