Sunday, February 26, 2012


I love VISION OF DESTINY'S cover! GX did an awesome job again! It's coming! Sent it to the editor this morning. As soon as I get the edits completed, up it goes. I'm hoping early March. Don't have a set date, but I promise I won't make you wait any longer than you have too. Everyone has been so patient! I hope its been worth it.

Edited!!!! I'm so happy. I know you guys have been great with Whispers without it being professionally edited. Now it will be. Not only that but I'm going back to the first two, editing both and pulling all three together under one title- Whispers of a Legend, Volume I. It will be in print also.

After which, Daughter of Deceit will be edited! Thankfully...hopefully I'll get those ugly reviewers off my back. I have to get a tougher skin about reviews. I know everyone has their opinion and I respect that, but they don't have to get personal. I have to be honest. I was taken back by the reviews and truthfully don't understand the really bad ones. Whispers of a Legend was self-edited by me. And nobody lambasted me for the editing errors. There were suggestions and I listened.

Most understood that Whispers of a Legend is an Indie which means edits are expensive. I couldn't justify the cost of my venture without knowing I would get reimbursed with profits. Now that's not an issue and the edits are getting done.

The funny thing is that Daughter of Deceit was edited the first six chapters. Then I had a friend read over the rest. Is it like the backlist of the bestselling authors? Not will be. What do I have to say to those bad reviews? Edits can be fixed. And...

Simply this. I had a choice. I could wait for years trying to get Daughter of Deceit sold to a major publisher. I just didn't see that happening especially after being told with Another Night Falls that I didn't have a name. They needed to know the book would sale. How do you get a name at a small/ medium publishing house where you in a sea of other authors? By going INDIE.

Sometimes you just have to take a chance. I have faith in my writing...or should I say my stories. I have had reviewers condemn me because my book isn't as polished as a New York Times bestselling author. There is a reason...I don't have their editors...I don't have an assistant...I don't have their money. What I have are my stories.

I feel like I've been truly blessed. I have the opportunity to do what I love- to write.

Again Vision of Destiny is coming and the legend continues...


  1. Another gorgeous cover! Congrats, Jerri!

  2. Thanks Jannine. I'm so happy with the covers! Happy to get the book edited...just happy!