Monday, March 12, 2012

DREAMSCAPE is Released and Free starting Wednesday!

Dreamscape...previously published under the title of Dream Walker...was my first published book. I feel excited about releasing it as an Indie. First it has been edited, reviewed by professionals and above all has been my best selling book prior to my going Indie. Dream Walker spent months in the top ten on Fictionwise under Mainstream Fiction. And it is going to be FREE this week- March 14-18th- starting Wednesday.


"Dream Walker is one of my favorite books that I've read this year... The climax culminates in a stunning display of demons and other worldly beings brought vividly to life by J. Hines to the degree that they are fantastical and believable..."

5 Flutes by Black Orchid, Cocktail Reviews
One of the reviews when it was published as Dream Walker.

I have been so busy as of late getting organized. I'm pushing to get Whispers of a Legend into print. I have the edits back. Just going through them now. Waiting for my cover too. I have to admit I'm nervous about putting a book into print as an Indie. With ebooks if there is a mistake it can be easily corrected. When it goes to print...but this week Shadows of the Past and The Path Now Turned will both have their edited versions published.
Also, I'm excited because one of my publishers, Wild Child, is putting Patriot Secrets into Amazon Select. It's going free next week, March 21-25th. I'm hoping this strategy will work. Patriot Secrets is still with Wild Child. This one should be interesting. Patriot Secrets is not a classic romance novel. It's historical fiction. There is a difference. Yes, there is plenty of romance in the book, but if you're expecting boy meets girl, boy gets girl...I don't want to give anything away, but think John Jakes. If you've read his works, I believe you would enjoy Patriot Secrets. Patriot Secrets is the first in the series Winds of Betrayal. It also centers around a fictious spy network loosely based on Culper Spy ring. I'll let you in on a little secret. It's my mother's favorite book of mine. She's certain it will be a best seller!


Now for Daughter of Deceit. I'm not giving up on it. I love Daughter of Deceit! I'm letting you guys see my new cover today-which I absolutely love. (Calista Taylor did both Dreamscape and the new Daughter of Deceit. GX did Whispers. Each has their own style. Each did an amazing job!) Faith Williams from the Atwater Group did my edits on Whispers and now will begin Daughter of Deceit! Should be finished by the 23rd! So as soon as I can, I will republish Daughter of Deceit as a Second Edition with edits and a new cover. It will go free soon after again. So you won't see this cover again until everything is set with Daughter of Deceit...but it is coming!

Hopefully it will get those meanie reviewers off my case. If its the edits, it should. If its something else...well, we'll see. I don't understand how people can be so callous. Even if for some unknown reason, I hated a book...I could never say those awful personal things. They are personal attacks which Amazon has done absolutely nothing to shield me from. Do I believe that Daughter of Deceit is as bad as some of the reviewers have said? No- of course not. I've had plenty of wonderful reader reviews. Some have even been great! Does it need professional edits? Without question. But so did Whispers of a Legend. As I said before edits can be fixed. Now that Whispers edits are complete, Daughter of Deceit won't be far behind.

My other question to those reviewers that can't seem to let go of my book is why? Why is it so important to keep going after my book? I do respect the fact you have your opinion, but why after a month have you not left me alone? You would think they would leave. They haven't. They're there...waiting to pounce. And I'm not going into details, but a couple of strange things have been happening. Hopefully, they're all a fluke of some sorts and it all goes away.

I have never done a mean thing to anyone in my life. I have no intention of ever doing so. I have always tried to help people. So this...I just don't get it.

I'm just a poor man, trying to make a living and doing the best I can.

That song just popped into my head...I'm sure all will be fine. I'm going to look ahead. Dreamscape this week...Patriot Secrets next...Daughter of Deceit the next...and I'm so excited- not far behind- the print version of Whispers of a Legend, Volume I. How can I not be excited? I'm doing what I love!


  1. Those covers are amazing, Jerri. Congrats on the progress you're making in getting the edited versions out there. I admire all the hard work you've put into it!

  2. Jannine,
    Thanks so much! Busy, busy, busy, but all good!