Saturday, March 31, 2012

Psst...Have You Heard?

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I'm thrilled! Got up this morning and Whispers of a Legend, Volume I is up as an ebook on Barnes and Noble. Took over a week. It was my intent for Whispers of a Legend, Volume I to go up first on Barnes and Noble. Sorry. Pubit must have had an issue. But I promised I would put all three under one title, Shadows of the Past, The Path Now Turned and Vision of Destiny and it's here!

Whispers of a Legend, Volume I is also in print. I just can't figure out Create Space as well as I have Pubit and Kindle Direct. Maybe because the ebooks are so easy to download and appear. I believe that Whispers of a Legend, Volume I print is already suppose to be up on Amazon, but for the life of me I can't find it. Shouldn't it pop up with the ebooks? Got to figure out what I'm doing wrong. It must be some button I haven't clicked. But I'll figure it out. Print for Whispers should be up soon on Barnes and Nobles as well. (Just takes a little longer).

Don't forget about the contest here in April - already started. Let's celebrate Whispers all month! I want to thank everyone for their kind words about the series. Appreciate it! This is my thanks to you- a chance to win a copy of Whispers of a Legend, Volume I and a $50 dollar gift certificate to either Barnes and Noble or Amazon! Easy, easy easy to enter...leave a comment either here, over on Jerri Hines blog,  Novel Works, or Facebook page- Carrie James Haynes.

Happy with Dreamscape. Have fans calling for the sequel. Already have it swirling around in my head. Have a couple of things to complete before and time... I need time to write!
Just want to call attention to some of the reviews coming back on Dreamscape...

I just finished reading "Dreamscape (Dream Walker Series)" by Carrie James Haynes, which was an enthralling story of a Dream Walker, a serial killer, sheriff, and FBI profilers. In fact, I started reading it last night and finished in the wee hours this morning! Great story line and well-developed characters. I'll be looking for more books from Ms. Haynes. Highly recommended!

This is such a great read I love the storytelling's, paranormal, murder suspense. Without too much romance to. Cloud the issue love it love it cant wait for the next installment.

Great book.. Suspenseful to the end. Ending is beginning of next book though. Not nice to tease us readers.

DAUGHTER OF DECEIT Then I think of Daughter of Deceit. 

I had another author email me 


Guess it goes with the territory. Have to admit I wasn't prepared for it. But its a learning experience. I have always wanted feedback, but I guess I thought naively that it would be fair and just. Don't get me wrong I love the really good reviews I've gotten and so appreciate them. But I'm going to be fair... just a couple of lines from some of the bad reviews. 

the grammer and vocabulary errors suggest that the book was written by a non-English speaker who relied on machine translation. It just isn't readable.

Worst writing that I have ever read. The grammer is so bad that it makes me wonder if the author is a native speaker of English.

If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny. But it's not funny. I don't have control over this person or  group of people. So at the moment, I'm embracing my destiny as the Best Damn 2 Star Author Ever!

My daddy always said Be the best at whatever you do! 

But I can assure you that Daughter of Deceit is an excellent romance book! What I would suggest is reading the excerpt if you're interested in Daughter of Deceit. I promise I didn't use a machine translation. English is my native language although at times my husband thinks I speak a foreign language- Southern. 

This person/group of people doesn't want you to pick up the book. But I'm not asking the excerpt. I believe you can quickly see what is going on. I guess I should be flattered that someone has gone through so much trouble for readers not to open my book. But look at the opportunity you have now to be able to read a book from the Best Damn 2 Star Author Ever! 

Have a good one!


  1. I'm almost through Daughter of Deceit and I'm loving it. The worst thing about the book? It keeps me on edge and reading long past the time when I should've turned out the light. 3 a.m. comes early for the day job. When I finish (and it won't be long) this suspenseful read, I'm gonna be messing up your two star rating. Sorry. But I'm thinking this baby's gonna easily rate 4 to 5 stars. ;-)

  2. Maeve,

    You're too funny! Glad you're enjoying the book! Thanks!