Wednesday, March 7, 2012


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Trained for only one purpose, to protect the innocent from an evil that threatens to destroy her world, Kela has never questioned her destiny. The enemy has never been in doubt and her path laid clear before her. Now all is blurred. Left with only one choice, she escapes from Yucca in search of the one known as Seilda the Tvopac, the Guardian of the Past…but Kela learns quickly the Past holds its own dangers.
Vision of Destiny has been released! It's up on Smashwords. I've had the hardest time getting it up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but its up now!

It's released and EDITED! to have it edited. I'm expecting to get back Shadows of the Past and The Path Now Turned any day now from my editor. As soon as I have them, I'm going to pull them under one title for Whispers of a Legend, Volume I and put it into print! Then my attention turns to Daughter of Deceit. Will have a new cover to go along with a complete edit.

So, like everyone that has waited for Vision of Destiny to be released, I too have had to learn patience.

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. is it possible to get the entire series to read. i really really want to read the entire thing, not worried about editing. I hope she has a happy ending, she deserves much. Also, i like to get my favorite books in hardback or some form of print, will you be printing the book?

  2. I am going to be putting the whole of the first three installments under one title in the next couple of weeks. That book, Whispers of a Legend, Volume I, is going into print. But it will also be available as an ebook too. So if you want all three of the books together. Give me another week.