Friday, March 23, 2012

Whispers of a Legend, Volume I Release is Set!

April is a big month for my Indies. WHISPERS OF A LEGEND, VOLUME I will be released in print and ebook. WHISPERS OF A LEGEND, VOLUME I holds all three previously released books, SHADOWS OF THE PAST, THE PATH NOW TURNED,  and VISION OF DESTINY.

 I'm so excited! I'm having such a wonderful time with this saga. A young woman coming of age! Writing under the New Adult genre, I have made an effort to capture the essence one goes through when one matures as a young woman.

There is no perfection within Whispers. All characters exhibits both strengths and weakness in their character as we all do. Yet it is those flaws that determine who we will become. To live, we must evolve.

Along the way, Kela faces dangers untold. Adventure, action, love, duty....Whispers of the Legend, Volume I tells Kela's journey.  An epic fantasy...a world in the midst of turmoil and crisis.

Taking a few of the reviews off of Barnes and Noble about each installment- remember all the books of Whispers of Legend are completely professionally edited now!

What an emotionally gripping story. I love the protagonist strength. She endures much for the safety of her family and her sense of duty. She is denied her birthright but keeps her brother and sister's needs above her own. Her grandfather seems to have a plan to keep her hidden from the world to harness her power but only alienates her more. I'm thoroughly impressed with this series already. I hope the 3rd installment comes soon! 

This book had me from the beginning. I loved the opening chapter. Lends me to anticipate more to with the series. Action, magic and romance. Love it all. Carrie J Haynes sweeps us into their tormented world, getting us to love them and want to protect them. I can't wait for the rest of the series!!! 

I read both of the books in this series and I can't wait for book three. The story was so captivating it just pulls you right in. There were a few grammer issues but who cares. These books were amazing and this author is talented! 

I really liked the story line in this book. It kept up a good pace and left me wanting more. My only complaint would be the grammatical errors in the books. There were several times when I had to read a line multiple times to interpret it correctly. One thing that struck me all the way through both books was that I could visualize it playing on the big screen. I hope that someone picks up on that and makes a movie out of it or even a TV series. It definitely has the potential to be a good movie!!! There were a couple of romantic scenes in the book that were pretty detailed but as yet it was only the two parts. If that is something that bothers you just be warned. Otherwise, I definitely recommend giving it a read. 

Carrie James Haynes has potential to be next well known scifi/fantasy author. Her story contains interesting characters with unusual talents. It is well thought out and although not perfect demonstrates the possibility of some good stories coming in the future. I was interested enough to purchase the next installment of the story. 

You can find all three books now on either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. To find them under one cover, Whispers of Legend, Volume I is coming soon!!!

Have a good one!

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