Tuesday, April 17, 2012


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Whispers of a Legend Saga continues...now under one cover all three installments. Shadows of the Past, The Path Now Turned and Vision of Destiny. In celebration, I'm giving away a copy of Whispers of a Legend, Volume I and a $50 dollar gift certificate to either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. You're choice.
Enter by leaving a comment here, on Novel Works, FB page Carrie James Haynes, or Jerri Hines blog.

I love Barnes and Noble. The fans over on Barnes and Noble has been so kind to Whispers of a Legend. You can pre-order the print on Barnes and Noble for only $11.43! It is available now in print on Amazon. I've given up trying to figure out why Whispers of a Legend saga does much better on Barnes and Noble than Amazon.

Let's just say I love Barnes and Noble- steady and true. I love when you put in Whispers of a Legend, it has a whole line to itself.

I also love the feedback at Barnes and Noble. Like the review for Vision of Destiny.

 the series is amazing. I never have been much for online book sh

the series is amazing. I never have been much for online book shopping; but since since i started this series, its like i dont have a choice. This book is something else. Kudos to the author and thanks. Living and going along with Kela through her journey... i have not the words and to think i almost didn't read this book.


I read both of the books in this series and I can't wait for book three. The story was so captivating it just pulls you right in. There were a few grammer issues but who cares. These books were amazing and this author is talented!

I so happy knowing that people enjoy my books. I'm also pleased that its now edited. All good! Thanks. So this month is a thanks to you guys also. Much Appreciated!

Daughter of Deceit  has 50 likes and 50 reviews. It's up to a 3 Star and rising. Thank you! 

Daughter of Deceit

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