Friday, May 18, 2012

Whispers of a Legend Saga on Amazon


Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past is Free. 

The Path Now Turned is at the moment under Amazon Select. It had a couple of free days. Free is great because it allows a reader to catch a glimpse of your writing, but in the end it will be your writing that will maintain readership.

Whispers continues to be one of my favorite books to write. I wrote Whispers with the intention of following Kela's journey from a child and emerging a woman. As Gunilda told Kela, "All roads wind."  The setting is a fantasy world filled with magic, adventure and romance. The book is meant to be enjoyed hoping you feel connected to this journey she is following.

The other day someone asked me not only why I created the Sordarins, the flying warrior race, but also why only the males have wings to fly. Ah, the Sordarins, Rulers of the skies! I've come to the conclusion it had to do with when I was a child. I was raised in the country with the open skies. I watched birds fly and envied them their freedom, especially the hawks who commanded the heavens. As for why only the males take flight in Whispers of a Legend that was intentional. Scarladin is a male dominated society.

Whispers falls under the new genre, New Adult, for a reason. Kela is growing up- not a child, not fully an adult. As those of us who have gone through this phase in our lives, you know growing up is never easy. So much lies in front of us at that age- all our hopes and dreams. Saying that, mistakes are bound to happen. Rash decisions and impulses followed lead to poor decisions at times. But it is those mistakes, that form who  we become. Does it not?

There is no perfection in Whispers. All the characters have flaws of some sort as do we all, but they persevere. If I have a purpose behind writing Whispers, it is a message of perseverance. When I began writing Whispers, I was touched by all the victims of bullying within our society especially within our schools.  I wanted to deliver a message that we are all different and it is those differences that make us unique. We should relish those differences for the world needs a balance. 

Life is not fair. It never is, but its what we make of it while we are here that can make a difference in what comes behind us. Within Whispers you will find many different characters- each unique in their own way.


The Path Now Turned is the perfect example of what I've been talking about. Decisions have consequences; mistakes will be made, but to persevere we need to learn from these experiences and to make a stand for yourself.  


Enjoy the series. Coming early next year, the legend will continue once more....
Whispers of a Legend, Part Four- The Time of the Nuxvenom.  

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