Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life's a Learning Game When It Comes to Amazon Select

I'm reorganizing myself. Have a couple of things planned- coming in July. Trying to start up another blog...well, a couple of blogs. Both will be an expansion of Novel Works. One will be called Novel Works; the other, Romantic Picks. I'm real excited about Romantic Picks. I have in mind to set it up like I do Novel Works- simple post for readers to to catch up with the latest releases, freebies, win some books...

I'm seriously reconsidering Amazon Select. I've been reading up on the changes that have happened since its release. I'm not sure what advantage it gives anymore. Kicking myself for putting The Path Now Turned into the program. I was reading over on Smashwords, Mark Coker. Here's what he says about KDP Select program- It’s an innovative, creative program, except for one fatal drawback in my opinion. It requires exclusivity. He wrote a blog about it. Amazon Shows Predatory Spots with KDP Select

I can only tell you about my personal experience with KDP Select. When Daughter of Deceit came out, I was floored...literally and figuratively. I loved the book, but I love most of my books. When it took off, I was thrilled for a couple of days. Then I got attacked by trolls. It has been the worst experience of my writing career. Amazon did nothing to help me. In fact every time I complained, good reviews came down. I'm not going into the details. In my life, I have fought for what I believe is right. Matter of fact I have a strong sense of right and wrong. I have fought city hall and won. I battled my employer about an unfair practice concerning a fellow employee and won. Once, I even caught a burglar that was wanted in seven states. (He was breaking into my neighbor's house in broad daylight.) But...this a big but...I can't win with Amazon. The 'bad' reviews are still up even the abusive ones... but this has been a learning experience as all things are in life.

The good part- I made a lot of money and most important I learned what's important to me. I learned somethings just aren't under my control. I need to enjoy what I do. I can't control other people. I can only control my own actions.

But where was I? I was talking about Amazon. I agree with Mark Coker that the exclusivity kills. Will I use Select again? I don't know. On one hand, I will never put Whispers back into Select. Once The Path Now Turns time is over on Select, not another Whispers book will be under Select. I promise!

On the other hand, Select gave me exposure even if it was for a short period of time. I believe it will probably be a book by book decision for me with my Indie's. Select is different now than what it once was. When Daughter of Deceit came out, it left the free days high up on the list and sold like mad. Now, Amazon does a different calculation when your book comes off of free, but it stills gives you more exposure than you would have otherwise for most authors. The problem is that exposure comes on Amazon where everything is so competitive. To do well on Amazon you need to be high on their list of books. That seems unlikely now with Select. Am I wrong? Does anyone else have a different opinion?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Personally...I'm only speaking for myself...I find Barnes and Noble a great place to publish my books. Whispers of a Legend may not be in the top 100, but its found a little home. It has been steady even with me pulling The Path Now Turned. As for Smashwords, I have to say I learned the most from Smashwords. I haven't sold the most...but I appreciate the free books that Mark Coker has out. As for Amazon...well, Amazon is Amazon...

As for what's going on at this moment with my books, Dreamscape was released with Smashwords and Barnes and Noble! I about to make a move with Daughter of Deceit. I had been thinking of using another pen name, but I've decided...no. I like Carrie James Haynes. I think I'll keep it. Have a good one!


  1. I found your first book on b&n. I read it in 2 days!!! Loved it!! Im very frusterated because I own a nook and cannot read part two. Please,please,please put part two on b&n. I am a huge Terry Pratchett and Robert Jordan fan and you are one of my new favorite authors. Thanks for the adventure.

  2. I can send you a copy of The Path Now Turned from Amazon if you send me your email. You can email me at carriejames.haynes@aol.com. Amazon has free apps so you can read it. Let me know.