Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer's Here!

I've had a wonderful weekend. My youngest graduated from high school. She glittered...I do mean glittered. Between her prom and graduation, I don't recall her being as happy as she has been the last few weeks. She's going to the college of her choice (not mine because its out of state). I have to admit I'm going to miss her. When her brother and sister left, I had her. Now...oh, well that's at the end of the summer. I'll think about it then.

AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE I'm focusing back on my writing. Have to get out Ruse of of the hardest books I've written. When it comes out, I'll explain, but I have my cover! Absolutely love my cover! Calista Taylor did an awesome job again. Have to be patient with Ruse of Love. Have so much to do besides write it. You'll see soon. I hope to have it out by late July...early August.

Today I want to remind everyone that Whispers of a Legend, Part One is always free at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Just to remind my Barnes and Noble fans, I apologize for taking Part Two down. The Path Now Turned is only on Amazon at the moment. I don't know what's up with Create Space either. Sometimes Whispers of a Legend, Volume I is up on Barnes and Noble and other times its not. I give up explaining things when it comes to anything Amazon does. Vision of Destiny is still offered on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

I have planned for the fourth installment to come out next year, but I've decided since I pulled The Path Now Turned off of Barnes and Noble for a time, do you want the fourth installment, Time of the Nuxevenom to come out earlier.

I ask because I'm working with Barnes and Noble to release it only with them for a month. Would that make up for pulling The Path Now Turned for a time. Don't get me wrong The Path Now Turned will be coming back to Barnes and Noble, it's just won't be until August.

So I need to hear back from you guys. I have another book I want to get out by the end of the year if I don't put Time of the Nuxevenom out. The other question would be- do you want it broken up into three different segments like the first three of Whispers or one whole book? Let me know. Love to get feed back. And sign up for my newsletter if you get the chance.

Oh, almost forgot Dreamscape is coming to Barnes and Noble, hopefully Thursday! I will let you know!

Fun, fun, fun....

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