Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Count Down Begins!

Whispers of a Legend, Part Two- The Path Now Turned, has been in Amazon Select program for the last two months. It goes off of Select on August 5th and then it goes back up on all the other sites including Barnes and Noble.  Nineteen days and counting!

Before it goes off of Select, it has one more free day....July 25th- It's a Wednesday. So for one more day you can get the whole of the Whispers saga for $.99.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past is FREE! Everywhere...all the time!

Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Given on July 25th The Path Now Turned is round out the saga, you can buy

Whispers of a Legend, Part Three- Vision of Destiny for $.99.

Don't get me wrong. When Amazon Select first came out, it gave a surge for Indie writers. Unfortunately, Amazon pulled the rug out from the Select program. The incentive to go into Amazon Select has been lost. The advantage of pulling your book to go exclusively into Amazon Select program has vanished. In my experience at the moment, going into Amazon Select not only doesn't help you with sales, in the long run can really hurt you.

Now though Kobo has set up a program similar to Select with one major exclusivity clause!

At the moment though...The Path Now Turned is only at Amazon. 19 days and counting...
Whispers of a Legend, Vol I

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