Sunday, July 29, 2012

Inspired by Heroes!

Next week I have a new release coming, Ruse of Love, Book Two in the Winds of Betrayal Series. Winds of Betrayal Series was inspired by the men and women willing to sacrifice themselves for the belief in a cause. I have always felt admiration toward others who so bravely and courageously give themselves for the betterment of others.

I've had people ask me what inspires me to write. I'm not exactly sure how to answer that question. It happens most often when I read a book or see a documentary. Inspiration comes being touched by an individual or group's actions. It can't be forced but flows from my heart. With Winds of Betrayal Series, the inspiration came from the Culper Spy Ring's story. The Culper Spy Ring inspired my series, but it is by no means an actual historical account of the spy network. Winds of Betrayal Series is purely fiction, based loosely on this spy network. I haven't access to all the facts or details of the ring only what I have read online, but it's their spirit of commitment to a cause that led to my writing this series.

You may wonder to yourself. What is this woman talking about? She writes romance. I do, but I have never been able to write sweet, humorous romances. I've tried. I wish I could. My books wouldn't take nearly as long to write. It's just not the writer that I am. I do love to write romances. I believe that love is a powerful tool, but short and sweet has never been my style. 

I don't know how other writers create their stories, but each of my books I have, have been inspired by some cause or belief. I hope that in each of my books you can feel the underlying theme, but I'll give you a shorten version of what inspires me

Whispers of a Legend Saga
                  Bullying. I never quite understood the effect of bullying until my own children were growing up. With all the horrible stories that have emerged in recent years I wanted to write a story that would inspire young people. I wanted to convey that every life has a purpose; no one's life is perfect; most importantly persevere. 

Daughter of Deceit-
                   I had two purposes when I wrote Daughter of Deceit. One to prove I could write a regency set in England; second and more personal, to write a gay character that could be revered and respected. I have stated before it is because of a conversation I had with a person close to me who said that growing up gay they never had a positive role model to emulate even in books. I thought to myself at the time...I can do that. A small gesture perhaps but heartfelt. 

I'm in the midst of writing a manuscript that I pulled inspiration from a figure in history, Irena Sendler. You may remember I wrote a blog about her last year over on my other blog...Jerri's blog. My new book isn't set during WWII, but my heroine in Broken Legacy I've drawn from the bravery of this woman and the others of her group. 

Today, I ran across a segment of Dateline, NBC, that they ran about a documentary made fifty years ago...Mississippi: A Self Portait. I'm from Mississippi. For years I've cringed every time the Civil Rights movement is mentioned especially when it pertains to Mississippi. Why? Because I love my state, my home and that's not the home I know...but it was to others. I sat and watched this man, Booker Wright from Greenwood, Mississippi. The segment focused on his granddaughter's discovery of who he was. I thought about my own grandfather. She found a hero. I loved my grandfather, but there is no denying he was exactly as the men portrayed in this segment. (My father wasn't. My father always taught me to judge a person on their actions not on how they look). Realization swept through me watching this show. I wonder how Booker Wright would feel now knowing how many others he inspired by his actions. His words will stay with me for a long time...the meaner the man be, the bigger the smile... So what does this mean to me in my writing? When I complete all my little projects around me, I have a major manuscript on the Civil War. It has always been inspired to show a realization dawning upon my heroine about the life around her, but now when I go back and revise the manuscript I wouldn't be surprised to find a character inspired by Booker Wright.

So getting back to next week. Ruse of Love is scheduled to be released August 7th. This is my first Indie release since Daughter of Deceit. Sadness fills me over Daughter of Deceit. Sadness that I had no other option but to take it down; sadness for the person/persons who facilitated that action. 

I will admit I'm nervous about this upcoming release. Not about my book, but about being attacked again as I was. I wish life was fair and just, but we all know life isn't that way. In truth, I have nothing to complain about. Looking back over issues faced by the people that inspire me, my fears over my book are minimal. I will take from them, though, the courage to forge ahead.

Have a good one!  

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