Monday, July 30, 2012

Writing to the Rhythm of Music

There's a song I love by David Nail called Sound of a Million Dreams. The chorus words say

So I labor for hours 'cause I know the power
Of a song when when a song hits you right
Pouring my soul into stories of life
Hoping someone'll hear one tonight
Maybe my voice will cut through the noise 
And stir up an old memory 
And out of these piano keys 
Comes the sound, the sound of a million dreams

(More lyrics:

Music does that for me. It can stir up a memory with only the first few beats. Music stirs emotions. I have to write to music. I get into a zone with the right music. If anyone is around when I'm writing, they may be entertained by the same song over and over again. I do that when I find that right song matching my mood when I'm writing...Music takes me there.
When I hear the song again, it does take me back to where I was when I was writing that particular book. Memories come rushing back. I thought you might enjoy a list of some songs that inspired me while I wrote or am in the processing of writing the book.
Patriot Secrets


                                                                Whispers of a Legend
                                                                     Higher by Creed
Daughter of Deceit


"Kissed You Good Night" Gloirana
Upcoming books...
Broken Legacy
Belle of Charleston

Then of course you have to listen to

Have a good one!


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