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Tower of London
King Henry VIII's Equestrian Event

All pictures within this post of London are my own. It will probably explain the reason why there are no Olympians within any of the pictures since I am not there now, but sit in front of my TV to view all events.

I love the Olympics. I have since I was a child. When I was small, I had coughing fits at times (My mother swears I did not have my asthma as a child, though. Of course, she's the women who sat in a doctor's office and explained to said doctor why cigarettes really don't harm anyone.) Anyhow when I was eleven, the winter Olympics were over in Japan. I remember this well since I got to watch them. Way back then, they telecast live. I was up during the coverage drinking herbal tea. My dad stayed up with me and we watched the events together. I used to dream as a child of competing in the Olympics. While I fell a tad short...okay...okay...a little more than a tad short of my dream, I do so enjoy watching others represent the United States. The athlete doesn't even have to be from the United States for me to appreciate their efforts.
British's Olympic Training Facility
Swimming Venue 1189 

This year I have truly been impressed. The Olympics are at the half-way point. I don't even know who I'm more impressed with- Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin or Kimberly Rhode (she's the one who won her 5th straight gold in skeet shooting). Wasn't Gabby Douglas breathtakingly beautiful flying around on the floor exercise? Who thought that Phelps wasn't going to win gold in an individual event this Olympics? I have never even heard of Missy Franklin...well she's only seventeen...but Kimberly Rhode? Five...five straight gold medals. Seriously, congratulations to all of the US Olympians so far. You have made me proud to be an American.

But thinking about it, I think I'm most impressed with the gymnast. There's little Gabby flying around every event with a brilliant smile, but can you imagine the pressure she was under? I mean usually gymnast only have one shot at the or die.

Nerves can kill you...they can kill me. I have a new release on Tuesday, Ruse of Love. I don't think I have even been so nervous about a release—with good reason. It's really the first Indie release since Daughter of Deceit. We all know what happened there. I pulled Daughter of Deceit down. I can't even go into the details of what happened. Why?

Because authors are supposed to wear that know Gabby's smile. Smile at everyone without giving a hint of what's going on inside of us. Everything is supposed to be wonderful and great. In Ireland they would say splendid.

What is splendid? For me in writing at this time...August 6th! Whispers of a Legend goes back up everywhere with a promise never to go back into KDP! Hosting a contest over on Jerri's Blog for the month of August in celebration of Ruse of Love's release. Patriot Secrets will be free starting August 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9th! If you want Book One of Winds of Betrayal series, what better time! Then comes Ruse of Love...Book Two of Winds of Betrayal series, August 7th! I have held back on this release for many reasons...just have to get a grip on my nerves.

When I played sports, I attacked a game with the knowledge I had done everything I could have done to prepare for the competition. With my writings I have done the same. I have done the best I can. What makes me nervous is what I don't have control over.

Right now, I can't worry about it. For those that know me, you know that I've been dealing with my aunt who is now in hospice care. God love her. She's a trouper. She asked me how things were going with my writings. I told her I was trying to take the long way around and go through the back door hopefully so certain entities wouldn't notice me. She told me. "Don't do that. You go through that front door."

So front door it is...

August 7th-  RUSE OF LOVE!

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