Saturday, January 5, 2013


I love my covers to my Whispers of a Legend. Lately, though, I've had a few readers ask me why I don't have pictures of my hero and heroine on the cover. I'm not going to be revamping my covers to Whispers of Legend anytime soon. I love the covers. I feel it allows one to use their imagination as a bridge into the world of flying Sordarins and the magic world of Witheleghe.

But I know what they're talking about. It does help to visualize your hero especially one with bulging muscles and wings. Can't you just picture Cono flying in the air with leather bands cris-crossed across his chest? High in a cloudless sky...flying over the mountain side or over the Kampar River! Perhaps he's in battle! Or better yet with Kela in his arms!

So I was thinking who fits the description of Cono in my mind...I came up with a couple of choices.
How about Jacob from Twilight? I took a poster from Twilight of Jacob. I linked it to the picture...not quite sure of legality of putting pictures up on blogs now a days. So I'll just link to the picture. But I have another one that when I saw him I thought immediately of Cono...His name is J D Padro. He stars in the NBC show, Revolution.

Just a couple of thoughts. Never seen either with wings on their back and flying through the air. What do you think? Who would you cast as Cono in your version?

Would you the reader like for the next cover to vary from the others and have flying Sordarins on the cover?
What is your preference?

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  1. I love your current covers they enhance the mystical story for which is with in.

    Ohhh Yes I can definitely see 'Jacob' as Cono. I feel in love with the story and could not put it down once I started.

  2. Belinda,

    You made my day! I'm so glad you have enjoyed Whispers so far! Hope to continue it soon! Thanks for dropping by.

    Carrie James Haynes