Sunday, February 10, 2013


Living along the Atlantic coast line, I thought I had seen my share of storms. Nemo, though, packed a punch I wasn't prepared for. We got slammed. It's the worst I've ever seen it around here. We lost power around 9:00 pm on Friday night. By midnight one of our many trees was lying in our driveway. When we woke up, we had two more trees down in the driveway with two feet of snow. No possible way of getting out.

I have never called in with a storm in all my years working in a hospital. I did yesterday. I couldn't get out. No tree services answered our call. Our insurance company hasn't got back to us. The town hasn't plowed our street. Thank goodness for neighbors!!! Hubbie's chainsaw wouldn't work, but our neighbor came over. He couldn't do much with the tree he has on top of his house, but he helped us. Then a group of hockey kids from our neighborhood came and helped shovel. Our plow guy said he couldn't get over to our side of town. He wouldn't have been able to anyway.

Not that its great. Our driveway is still a mess, but we can get out. Just got back in from driving out with hubbie. It's a mess. Huge trees hang on wires. There are four ways to get to our house. Three are blocked by trees. I thought we were bad but there are well traveled streets that aren't plowed. Electricity...I don't think just looking around that we will be getting it back anytime soon. Don't think we're high priority. It's 12 degrees outside...

Can't really leave because of the doggies. We have two huge dogs. Don't know what we would do with them. Don't think I've ever been so miserable. BUT it could have been a lot worse. Everyone is safe. So I'm not going to complain... but ask me in a couple of days.

I'm not on my computer so there's a lot of things I can't do that I would like to. I have Broken Legacy to release later this week. So far, I'm saying it's a long as I get electricity back up by Wednesday.

So I'm out of commission. How about you guys? I hope everyone is safe and...warm! If you are looking for a book to read and dig into during the cold weather Whispers of a Legend series is a great choice. If you haven't started, remember the first book, Shadows of the Past is free!
 Time of the Nuxvenom is the latest... and Broken Legacy is coming. If you haven't read the first book in the series, Seductive Secrets, it's free! Those links are to Amazon.

Barnes and Noble links   Shadows of the Past
                                         Time of the Nuxvenom
                                         Seductive Secrets

Keep reading! Have a good one!

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