Friday, April 26, 2013

A Feeling of Expectation

Tomorrow I will be in Burlington, Massachusetts at the NECRWA Conference for a book signing. I'm signing under my pen name Colleen Connally and my two books—Seductive Secrets and Broken Legacy, but I will have a few copies of Whispers of a Legend, Volume I and Whispers of a Legend, Part Four- Time of the Nuxvenom. Hope anyone that is around Burlington will drop by. It is at the Boston Mariott in Burlington between 3:30-5:30.



Thank everyone for your kind support. The royalties from Winds of Betrayal during the week of April 15- April 21st will be donated to the American Red Cross. I am also taking the proceeds from my other books last week and donating them to the One Fund. Royalties take a couple of months to come through, but I will be donating the money in June. Thank you again. Please don’t forget the victims of this terror. They have a long road ahead.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jerri Hines: Winds of Betrayal Series Gives Back

Jerri Hines: Winds of Betrayal Series Gives Back: I have lived in the Boston area for the last twenty-nine years. My husband is from Boston and it’s our home. What a beautiful day Monday wa...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Letting Imagination Soar!

Two years ago I attended NEC RWA conference and met the representative from Crescent Moon Press, a fantasy/paranormal romance publisher. I had registered late...I always register late...I would have liked to have talked with a publisher of historical romance, but their wasn't any slots for historical romance publishers. I could have talked with an agent...never have had any luck with agents. I thought for a moment. I did have a fantasy book. So I pitched it.

Luckily, we sent in the first pages and synopsis before meeting with the representative. I'm not the best sell person. I was thrilled when the representative loved it and wanted me to send in the whole manuscript. I sent it in, but after I sent in the manuscript to Crescent Moon I began learning about Indie Publishing. I decided to take a chance and go Indie with the manuscript. So I withdrew the manuscript—Whispers of a Legend. Crescent Moon couldn't have been nicer and wished me luck. I am so grateful to Crescent Moon because they gave me confidence. That confidence allowed me to take a chance and go Indie.

I'll admit Indie has had it's ups and downs. It has been a journey and a challenge, but I have learned so much about writing. I believe it has only made my writing better.

I didn't go back last year to NEC RWA conference. Having gone for the last few years, I felt I missed out. At the time, I was dealing with one of the downs of Indie publishing. Experiencing trolls and harassment for the first time took the enjoyment out of meeting other authors; it took the joy out of my writing for a time. But as most things in life, it turned into a life experience. It took time to come to this point. My husband always tells me to worry about the things I can control and not the things I can't.  So easy to say, not so easy to do.

I loved going to the conference. Usually I went with my friend Janice. I loved meeting the authors. I'll confess I'm a fan. I had a great time each time I went. The first time I went I was like a little kid in a candy store. I'm hoping to recapture that excitement. This year, though, I am doing my first book signing. Join me if you can. I would love to meet everyone. There are going to be some great authors if you love romance—among them Julia Quinn, Marie Force, and Zoe Archer. Check out the full list here of everyone that's going to be at the book signing. It will be held at the Boston Marriott in Burlington, Massachusetts, April 27th.

I'm signing under Colleen Connally...but I will bring a few Whispers copies with me. Have to...don't I?

I slowed down writing after the whirlwind in February. I'm gearing back up. Working on the next book under Colleen Connally- Seductive Lies. Hope to have it out mid-summer. It's what I'm shooting for so I can turn my sole attention to Heir of Witheleghe to have it out by Christmas.

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Monday, April 8, 2013